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Step By Step Mining CRAFTR Token Using Metamask Wallet (POS)

Hello guys, today I will show you how to mine Craftr token. The first step you must purchase Craftr token or contact developer team to buy this token and hold in your Metamask wallet or your MyEtherWallet to success mining this token. Okay follow my instruction below:

  • Open the contract ABI/JSON of Craftr Token in Here and copy paste
  • Open MyEtherWallet Official site link in Here and click Contract Tab 
  • Copy the contract address : 0xf19eac69f9566f0b40660bd0cc16234330f38456

  • Click Access Tab and Read / Write Contract click Pos like picture below:

  • Click write and will be appear like this picture below :

  • Click Tab yes, I am sure Make transaction and will be appear picture like this:
  • The last click submit and done…remember Gas Price didn’t constant, if you want to fast access improve your Gas Price..


Thanks so much..enjoy mining Craftr Token in Pos system…

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