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The Great Planning Of Token Sale ICO (CraftR Token)

Craftr project had planned to implement ICO sales on the 1st march 2018 by the number of total coin that will be sold is very limited. The total supply of Craftr token as much 100 million token will be sold only around of 30 million token and the rest will be saved by developer for continuation this project. The developer team of this project has prepared best step to applications new technology, especially data consumer protection, faster transactions, market provision, and business opportunities in long-term.

Of the total number of supply of 3,3 million will be divided into parties for development, marketing, swap, and bounty. The swap process only destined to old members has joined this project when was first release and the swap process has been completed in 28 February. Marketing and bounties will be officially opened by the same time with opening ICO in first March 2018. For those of you who want to participate, you can joined in discord official link and follow his official twitter account so you do not miss new information from this project.

Craftr project is the once of Ethereum Blockchains project that provide an opportunity to increase your income, This project has provides market as barter place or trading service using cryptocurrency of payment system namely Craftr token. This is a differentiation of Craftr project with another coin or token in Blockchains technology, the market functions can use as a trading services, and provide business partnership. In the future, this project will become the best pioneer and able to competence with another projects in under Ethereum Blockchains technology.

The main target of Developer Team to manage this project :

  1. Multipurpose assets marketplace
  2. Fast navigation
  3. User friendly design
  4. Code Editor /IDE
  5. CRFT payment system
  6. Wide choice of Product
  7. Short term cash out
  8. User rewards

Today, the developer team has listing this project in Ethereum platform and still working to prepare everything for the best step before Pre-Sale ICO will be start on first March 2018. Keep following official twitter link and join in Discord group because all of member more active in there while discussion related this project. Beside that, you have a chance to ask everything the purpose of this project.

Token Details

Name : CraftR Token
Symbol : CRAFTR
Coin Type : ERC20 POS
Max Supply : 100,000,000
Premine (100%) : 33,000,000
ICO (90%) : 30,000,000
Reserve (10%) : 3,300,000
Staking Interest : 100% During First Year
: 50% During Second Year
: 10% From Third Year to Max Supply
Min Coin Age : 1 Day
Max Coin Age : 90 Days
Wallet : MyEtherWallet
: Metamask
: Mist
: Trezor
: Ledger Nano


Craftr token support ERC20 Wallet and you can keep safe your token in your Metamask wallet, MyEtherWallet, Mist, Trezor and Ledger nano. Those wallet are support ethereum token and very easy to use them. In the future, you can trade this token in market place using craftr token to purchase any goods after pre-sale ICO successfully and trade this token in the any potential exchange. In market place, Buyers will reach a wide range of products targeted to multiple development environments and will pay through a fast and decentralized system, enjoying the full benefits that the blockchain can give.

For more information, you can contact Developer Team in this official links below:

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